William Penny Brookes Foundation

Wenlock at Much Wenlock

The Shropshire town of Much Wenlock in England holds the key to the best kept sporting secret in the UK - the story of Dr William Penny Brookes.

In 2009 the people of Much Wenlock decided to form a group to look at new ways to communicate with the British public about Dr William Penny Brookes and how he influenced the modern Olympic Games we know today.

Since then we have formed the William Penny Brookes Foundation (WPBF) enabling a number of the Foundation’s key partners to come together and continue their work in ensuring that his legacy lives on and that the story is told for the benefit of all people across the nation.

We hope to encourage communities around the UK to run their own William Penny Brookes inspired events, for schools to teach their children about the inspiration behind the modern Olympic movement and for everyone to understand what this remarkable man achieved in his lifetime.

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