William Penny Brookes - Founder of the first Olympian Games, held in 1850 in Much Wenlock, Shropshire, England


Much Wenlock Stakeholders

Much Wenlock is where the William Penny Brookes story began and has, in effect, evolved into the town it is today because of Brookes and the legacy he left behind. The importance of Dr William Penny Brookes to the town of Much Wenlock is clearly evident in the number of key stakeholders involved in maintaining this legacy. These groups are the driving force behind the creation and development of the William Penny Brookes Foundation:

Wenlock Olympian Society (WOS) organise the games in July each year, attracting athletes from all across the UK.


Much Wenlock Chamber of Trade works to create and foster a spirit of goodwill, friendship and unity among the business people of the area, whilst also raising the profile of Much Wenlock.


Much Wenlock Cricket Club is 140 years old. They still play at their original ground, the Linden Field, which is the site of the rebirth of the modern Olympics.


Much Wenlock Civic Society

Much Wenlock Festival aims to provide ‘Arts for Everyone’ to appeal to all ages and tastes. It runs for three weeks in July every two years – with the next one due in 2012.


Much Wenlock Parish Church


Much Wenlock Town Council is actively working towards celebrating the 2012 Olympics while maintaining the legacy of Dr William Penny Brookes and engendering community cohesion.


William Brookes School - a Coubertin School, with strong links to Olympic ideals especially within sporting activities and striving for personal best performances.